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SAIL strives to educate businesses, the public and legislature about issues important to people with disabilities.  SAIL staff  aim to empower people with disabilities to assess their needs, identify potential risks, establish their own goals, evaluate available resources, develop and implement a strategy to take control of their lives.

Independent Living Skills

SAIL provides informational and educational programming targeted toward a consumer or a group of consumers with the intent to develop or increase the skills, knowledge and/or abilities required to live, work and play in the community. Services include self-advocacy and awareness, life skills, braille, TTY, personal assistant information, interpreter referrals, equipment demonstration and loans.


* Self-Advocacy and Awareness
* Life Skills Training
* Braille Training
* TTY Training
* Personal Assistant Information
* Interpreter Referrals
* Equipment Demonstration and Loan


Information and Referral

The SAIL staff provides information on products, services, equipment, training, legislation and civil rights. The SAIL facility maintains a library of independent living resources (books, magazines, audio and video tapes, brochures, etc.). The SAIL staff will research and identify accurate information available about issues that influence independent lifestyles.


Peer Counseling

The objective of Peer Counseling is to explore options and to solve problems that sometimes occur for people with disabilities.  Common issues include making adjustments to a newly acquired disability, experiencing changes in living arrangements or learning to use community services more effectively.


SAIL staff will provide information, training and/or assistance to youth with significant disabilities, post high school, and individuals with disabilities living in nursing facilities with attention to deflection of people with significant disabilities at risk of entering institutions, so they may remain living in the community.

Need Services?

SAIL advocates for persons with disabilities and provides referrals for resources. 

SAIL provides language assistance services upon request.