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The Independent Living Program assists people with disabilities of any age in addressing barriers associated to their specific circumstances. This assistance is available to residents of Macon, Moultrie, Shelby, Coles, Clark and Cumberland counties. Services include independent living skills training, assistive technology/equipment loan program, benefit application assistance, civil rights information, education and employment services.  I.L. training offers instruction in cooking, cleaning, laundry, money management and other topics requested by the consumer. SAIL staff will introduce various devices and aids designed to increase independence. Many of these appliances are available for the consumer to borrow for 30 days and use in the home to determine if aid increases independence in daily living.


SAIL Disability Awareness Team, DAT, assists people in experiencing and learning about disabilities first hand through simulations, barrier hunts and other activities.  DAT has two purposes:

  • Educate the general public on people first perception of people with disabilities.
  • Raise awareness of disability issues in the community.

Many of the team members are people who live with disabilities every day and have personal insights to share with activity participants.  Each presentation is developed to meet the needs of the group requesting the activity. DAT event activities include but are not limited to

  • Hands-on Simulations/Activities
  • Life Experience Speakers
  • Disability Etiquette & Sensitivity Training
  • Assistive Technology
  • Accessibility Codes education
  • Assistive devices demonstration
  • Educational videos, open group discussion and topics requested

DAT can also train businesses, churches or organizations to use TTY telephones and Relay services.


SAIL, in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Human Services, provides a Community Reintegration Program. The services are designed to assist people with disabilities residing in a nursing home, group home or institution who wish to return to independent living. SAIL assists interested individuals through independent living skills training, locating accessible affordable housing, securing medical equipment and community services, providing the security deposit, first month’s rent and purchasing furniture, household furnishings and food.

People interested in the CRP must:

  • Desire to return to independent living and acquire doctor approval.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 59.  Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, AIDS, or diagnosis of a stroke may be over 59 years old.
  • Be currently residing in a nursing home, group home, institution or at risk of being placed in such a facility.
  • Have a medically verifiable disability.

I just moved out of a nursing home over five years ago thanks to SAIL. Thanks to SAIL, I have a good place to live.

I get to do things that I couldn’t do in nursing homes. I get to go to Walmart. I get to go out to movies. I get to decorate my room the way I want it decorated. I don’t have to worry about people being in my room. I got housekeeping. I got maid service or laundry service. I’m just really happy.

—Debbie, CRP consumer


The Family Advocate Program serves on the Macon and Coles County Transition Planning Committees to ensure that local agencies are aware of the social, employment and education needs of transitioning young adults.

SAIL offers direct services and/or technical assistance to all children with disabilities and their families in Macon, Moultrie and Shelby Counties. Technical assistance is also available to families of children with disabilities living in Coles, Clark and Cumberland Counties.

The Family Advocate Program services include assistance in the development of an Individual Education Plan, IEP, or 504 Plan. Information is furnished to ensure families are knowledgeable of transition options and services available in the community. Services are designed to empower families to make informed decisions appropriate to facilitate successful outcomes for their student with disabilities. SAIL can also assist in the establishment and facilitation of training opportunities and support groups for parents, children and youth in transition to adult independent living.


SAIL staff train people with disabilities to recruit, interview, hire and manage a Personal Assistant. These life skill services can be provided to a consumer in their home or at a SAIL office.

SAIL promotes the belief that all people with disabilities have the right to live independently and make choices for their own lives. In keeping with that philosophy, SAIL maintains a Personal Assistant Registry listing P.A.s trained to perform daily living tasks that allow a person with disabilities to maintain their independence.

SAIL provides training for anyone interested in becoming a Personal Assistant. As a Personal Assistant, you will assist people with disabilities in maintaining their independence and directing their own lives within their community.


The SAIL Visual Services Program assists people 55 years and older experiencing vision loss. These services are available to residents of Macon, Moultrie, Shelby and Coles counties. Eligible participants, “consumers”, will be introduced to various devices and aids designed to increase independence in the home. Items include magnifiers, talking appliances i.e. watches, thermometers, glucose meters, etc., CCTVs, kitchen and cooking aids. Through one-on-one assessments, SAIL staff can assist with identifying the most effective devices and services to enhance a person’s ability to perform daily living tasks.


As a SAIL volunteer, you can demonstrate your support of the SAIL mission, “promoting independent living for all people with disabilities”. Through participation in preparing SAIL ANCHOR Newsletter and Low Vision Support Group mailings, Disability Awareness presentations, fundraising events and even board membership, a SAIL volunteer becomes part of the movement to educate others to view people with disabilities as people first. Volunteers foster the Independent Living Philosophy that all people have the right to direct their own lives and make their own choices.

Need Services?

SAIL advocates for persons with disabilities and provides referrals for resources. 

SAIL provides language assistance services upon request.